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"Equity and inclusion – both professionally and personally – are core values of mine.  Developing and leading the Women in Leadership program has enabled me to align my personal values with those of our company while nurturing a pipeline of future leaders that help us create greater equity. This program not only positively impacts the women in our organization, but research shows company culture, opportunities & salaries improve for everyone when the percentage of female leaders increases. Knowing that this program has the potential to improve the lives of everyone at Lansweeper is incredibly rewarding.”   

Christina KleinVP Global Channel Partners

"The WIL program has been energizing for me! Thanks to Christina and the program, I was provided with the necessary tools and confidence to address a unique set of challenges related to leadership and impact. I have learned how to dream big, overcome barriers and inspire others while boosting my own development and drive meaningful change. Special mention also for my dear and brave program colleagues who have made each session special, full of empathy, support and understanding. It has been an exciting journey that has just begun!    

Laura Carrion FrauPeople Operations Manager Spain & EMEA Remote

The Women in Leadership course was an eye-opening experience that helped me gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be a woman in the business world. Not only I was able to learn about common female thought patterns and biases, but I also had the opportunity to share my own experiences and hear from others in the same position. With this newfound knowledge, I was able to gain a new perspective on my own actions and motivations that I will cherish deeply throughout my career.    

Arianna RomanoDigital Marketing Specialist

The Women in Leadership program has been an enriching experience on both a professional and a personal level. Firstly, the program gave me an opportunity to listen and to contribute to several topics of interest that concern women who want to advance in their careers. Equally, the program allowed me to experience a better sense of community with colleagues based in different countries and working in different departments, helping me to nurture a stronger work culture. Every single session is prepared with great attention to detail, leaving plenty of room to contribute with personal perspectives, suggestions, and with constructive insights to reflect on afterward. I not only recommend the WiL program to women who desire to plan a career progression, but also to anyone who wants to get more awareness about inclusion and equity between genders in the workplace.

Elena Corradini – UI/UX Designer

I want to take a moment to share my incredibly positive experience with the Women in Leadership program at Lansweeper and encourage all the amazing women in our company to join this transformative journey. The program has been an absolute game-changer for me. It's not just a program; it's a supportive community where women can truly grow and express themselves as they evolve into creative leaders. Here are a few reasons why I believe it's a must for anyone looking to advance in their career at Lansweeper: My journey has been filled with personal and professional growth, and I can't emphasize enough how it has positively impacted my career at Lansweeper. I wholeheartedly encourage every woman in our company to take this opportunity to step into their leadership potential. Your journey to becoming a creative leader starts here. Join this amazing venture, and let's shape the future of Lansweeper together. Together, we are stronger, more empowered, and ready to lead with creativity and confidence:

  1. Skill Enrichment: The program provides a platform for enhancing critical leadership skills. I've had the opportunity to develop my communication, strategic thinking, and decision-making abilities, which have made a tangible difference in my daily work.

  2. Tailored Workshops: The tailored workshops and seminars offer insights and tools specifically designed to address the unique challenges and opportunities women face in leadership roles. I've found these sessions to be enlightening and practical.

  3. Empowering Community: Being part of a community of driven women who share similar goals and aspirations is a tremendous source of support and inspiration. I've learned so much from our discussions and interactions.

  4. Recognition: Lansweeper genuinely recognizes and celebrates the accomplishments of women in leadership positions. The feeling of being acknowledged for your hard work and contributions is truly motivating.

  5. Influence and Impact: As a woman in leadership, your voice matters. This program gives you the chance to influence Lansweeper's culture and future. It's an opportunity to leave your mark on our organization.

Valérie Vaele – Chief Accountant