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The candidate journey @ Lansweeper

1. Getting to know you

We’ll check if there is a potential fit for the profile and contact you to give you a chance to learn more about us & this role.

2. Talent match

Let us be impressed by your motivation and knowledge. We’ll check some of the "must have” technical & soft skills and decide if our company culture is for you!

3. Hiring Manager Interview & Take-home challenge: Job related assessment

You will prove your expertise with a job-related assessment. Your future leader takes a deeper dive into your experience and your job-related assessment. This will be an interview to discuss your knowledge, functional skills and fit within the team.

4. Personality & Cultural assessment

Lansweeper is a unique environment to work in, because of our variety of cultures, nationalities and habits. What unites all of us are our values and mindset. They enable a collaborative culture and connect people around the globe. You will be invited to fill out an online personality questionnaire that will be followed by a personality & culture conversation with an HR representative.

5. Leadership Interview

We would love for you to meet with one of our Executive Leadership Team members to get a better understanding of our culture & leadership.

6. Start your new adventure!

If you will be successful, you will get a contract offer to join our global team at Lansweeper and an invitation to be part of the Best Work Experience ever!