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“As a trained coach and mentor, being part of the Mentorship Program at Lansweeper allows me to practice one of my passions in life: to help people see themselves are great as they can be. Having the opportunity to accompany people on their development journey within Lansweeper, is a humbling experience that brings me joy and makes me feel accomplished”.

Ana Lopez Gobernado – Mentor

“I started the mentor program with doubts as I’m critical in live and I love to see results in terms of numbers (analytical).

During our first and second meeting, I started changing my mind as I had someone in front of me that had more life experience. She had company situation put in front of her that erose with myself as well.

The fact that we have a totally different character is a plus because this allows me to look at situations from another perspective.

I do now see that once we scratched the surface that we do look at the world in a not that different way and we have a lot of the same values. While we just started this process, I have learned a lot about EQ and steps I need to think about in my career.

I do hope that while I’m a mentee, that my experience within the company has been interesting for her as well. I do feel that we have great two-way sync”.

Nicolas Van Den Steen - Mentee