Technical Writer

Job description

At Lansweeper, we strive to make our customers confident and enthusiastic in their use of our product. Knowledge is what empowers our users and as a technical writer you play a critical role in proliferating it. As a member of the knowledge base team, you will closely monitor and research any developments in the Lansweeper software. 

You gain a deep understanding of how software features work and share this knowledge both with customers and internal stakeholders, tailoring the level of detail to the target audience. Being a technical writer requires perfect written and spoken English language skills. 

You can communicate effectively and break down even complex concepts into easy-to-understand chunks. Your documentation takes the form of knowledge base articles, internal webinars and more. 

A basic understanding of computers and IT networks is expected, but more importantly you are eager and quick to pick up Lansweeper knowledge wherever possible as there is much to learn.

A day in the life of

Research, Write, Train

  • Continuously study the Lansweeper software, to know its features inside out.
  • Gather Lansweeper knowledge from user stories, internal demos, conversations with developers.
  • Write and publish documentation for Lansweeper customers on how to use the Lansweeper software, according to organizational standards.
  • Work with other members of the knowledge base team to compile, review and publish documentation.
  • Write the Lansweeper changelog as new versions of the software become available.
  • Contribute to the visual layout of external documentation in discussion with the documentation lead.
  • Improve documentation processes in discussion with the documentation lead.
  • Prepare and give internal training to the technical support team on Lansweeper features.
  • Plan out documentation and training sessions in discussion with the documentation lead and as required by new feature releases.
  • Continuously revise both internal and external documentation to improve where possible.
  • Work closely with the technical support team to deflect customer cases through improved documentation.
  • Gather feedback from other knowledge-focused stakeholders in the company, to add or revise documentation where necessary.

Job requirements

Are you the new Technical Writer at Lansweeper?

I am someone who

  • Is passionate about sharing knowledge using clear, concise language.
  • Delves into the technical details of features, to understand them inside out.
  • Is quick and eager to learn the Lansweeper software.
  • Can share knowledge in various formats as required: articles, webinars, videos etc.
  • Can work both independently and with relevant stakeholders to improve documentation.
  • Wants to learn about IT networking and asset management in general, as it relates to Lansweeper.

I have

  • Perfect written and spoken English language skills.
  • Superb written and verbal communication skills, with a keen eye for detail.
  • An uncanny ability to take complex concepts, break them down and make them engaging.
  • A basic understanding of computers and IT networks.
  • Previous experience writing technical documentation.

Going for gold?

  • In-depth knowledge of IT networking and asset management.
  • Experience as a system administrator using Lansweeper.
  • Experience writing technical documentation in the IT asset management field.

Our offer you can't refuse

  • Flexibility is key! Work efficiently by using our flexible working hours.
  • Work for an international company where you get to travel to meet your colleagues for a great (teambuilding) event at least once a year.
  • Collaborate with passionate and driven colleagues every day.
  • Accelerate your career: new opportunities are right around the corner.
  • We offer a variety of benefits (insurances, meal vouchers, allowances…), but we also want you to make your own choices according to our Flexible Income Plan.
  • Work hard, play harder!