Technical Copywriter

Job description

At Lansweeper we are on a mission to improve our customer's visibility and insight into their IT environment. As Technical copywriter, you play an instrumental role in creating, curating, and growing Lansweeper's intra-product and extra-product content as well as Lansweeper's features for delivering IT content and analytics.

As a key part of the Lansweeper marketing team, you will work hand in hand with other stakeholders to develop, evolve, and continually improve how customers experience asset management content in Lansweeper.

This role requires a thorough understanding of current-day IT practices and operations as well as good technical writing skills. You are capable of producing presentations, blogs, whitepapers, video materials, as well as live and pre-recorded webinars featuring general asset management news, best practices, and demos showcasing Lansweeper's features.

A day in the life of

Research, Create, Engage

  • Being driven to help customers engage and succeed with Lansweeper.
  • Creating content (blogs, reports, how-to videos….) to help customers make the most of Lansweeper.
  • Maintaining a content creation calendar and producing technical product content to help us tell the Lansweeper story.
  • Identifying challenges for IT teams that Lansweeper can help address and creating the content needed to address them.
  • Staying up to date in the ITAM market and doing research to create relevant content.
  • Monitoring for vulnerabilities and ensuring we have relevant content published within 24 hrs.
  • Interacting with customers, partners, prospects to translate Lansweeper capabilities into actionable content.
  • Monitoring and engaging on social media and forums to help and connect with users.
  • Working closely with other relevant stakeholders to provide feedback on existing and new IT asset management initiatives.

Job requirements

Are you the new Technical Copywriter?

I am someone who

  • Is deeply passionate about technology, ranging from traditional IT and networking to the Cloud and IoT.
  • Is always looking for ways to help people get more out of their technology.
  • Is comfortable with building queries in SQL Server.
  • Has great content writing skills to develop various forms of content: including advisories, white papers, blogs, how-to instructions, etc.
  • Engages with peers on Reddit and other forums to discuss Technology
  • Maintains an in-depth understanding of key trends in IT

I have (a)

  • Proven experience in copywriting
  • Good knowledge of Workstation, Server, and Network hardware
  • Understanding of current technology & trends around IT asset management and vulnerability detection/assessment.
  • Basic understanding of how to create SQL queries.
  • Good communication skills and stay up to date on what is going on within the Lansweeper community.

  • You have  C2 Proficiency in English or are a native speaker.

Going for gold?

  • Experience as a system administrator using Lansweeper/Is very comfortable with Lansweeper and capable of creating Lansweeper Reports.
  • Active in varied IT-related communities including Reddit.
  • Known as a helpful, knowledgeable resource on forums like Reddit?
  • You can easily transform complex IT terminology into understandable content.
  • You are a well known figure in one or more IT communities.

Our offer you can’t refuse

  • Flexibility is key! Work efficiently by using our flexible working hours.
  • Work for an international company where you get to travel to meet your colleagues for a great (teambuilding) event at least once a year.
  • Collaborate with passionate and driven colleagues every day.
  • Accelerate your career: new opportunities are right around the corner.
  • We offer a variety of benefits (insurances, meal vouchers, allowances…), but we also want you to make your own choices according to our Flexible Income Plan.
  • Work hard, play harder!